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member since: 01/03/11 22:50:23
background / biography
2xS (Double S) Was Born In Dallas, Tx. He Has Always Had A Passion For Music, And Dream't Of Pursuing A Career In It As He Grew Older. He Started Rapping Around The Age Of 15, And Became Serious About It 2 Years Later. His Sound And Delivery Is A Development That Has Been Influenced By Everyone He Works With, And By Everything He Listens To. As A Southern MC, He Has Faced The Challenge Of Climbing As A Lyricist While Others Are Following The Mainstream Pattern. In 2xS' Own Words "I Don't Pursue This Music As A Source Of Income. I Don't Chase After The Dream Because I Want The Fame. I Just Want People To Hear Me. I Just Want My Passion, My Love, To Be Heard By Other People, To Have People Recognize That This Person Has Talent And Wants To Have His Voice Heard." 2xS Writes All His Own Lyrics, And Has An Explosive Energy/Character When He Is In The Studio. Now 20 Years Old, His Sound Has Grown, His Motivation Has Strengthened, And His Focus Has Narrowed. Music Is His Life, And He Plans On Living It To The Fullest.
Anyone I Work With. But As Far As Mainstream Artists Go, I Enjoy Listening To Cassidy, Fabolous, Cyssero, Tupac, DMX, SPM, Bun B, And Anybody else Who Carries Both Meaning And Lyricism In Their Music. I'm Open Minded, So Anything I Listen To Influences Me

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